The Good Ol’ Days: Steam Sales Aren’t What They Once Were

The Good Ol’ Days: Steam Sales Aren’t What They Once Were

If you’re an avid PC player like myself, you no doubt have heard of the game platform behemoth, Steam. Run by the people at the Valve corporation, Steam is the go-to for all the titles you could ever possibly imagine; take that aspect and throw in bi-annual sales that make your knees weak, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a digital playground.

But Steam Sales aren’t what they used to be.

You could nearly taste the anticipation in the air twice a year, once in the summer and once in the fall/winter, knowing that a giant game sale was coming. Sure, the Winter Sale is going on right now but for me, the magic is gone. Being the thrifty (i.e., broke) person that I am, I wishlist things I want and once they fall into my reasonable price range, I go after them. Right now, I can finally buy Grand Theft Auto V for $14.99, a crazy 50% off the normal Steam price. That’s so cheap!

But I won’t buy it. Why? Because like the other 74 uninstalled games sitting all dusty in my Steam library, I know I won’t play it.

The Steam Sale, for the most part, is just a waste of money under the self-inflicted guise that hey, you’ll actually play that game. For years people like myself have been sucked into the notion that maybe, just maybe if I buy the game at a cheaper price, I’ll feel ahead of the huge studio that made it and will enjoy it more. For me personally, the veil is lifted and I’m no longer giddy to spend $40 on what feels like 40 games. Sure, it’s one hell of a deal, but at what point is the dust collection on top of these digital games going to bother me enough to tear me away from the regular rotation of games I go through each month?

Every year the same games are recommended to me and every year I don’t buy them. Steam is now flooded with games, to the point where there is almost too much. And it’s not that the games are all different, so many of them are basically carbon copies of each other, just with different coats of paint. Throw a rock in any direction and it’ll land on a 8-bit themed pirate adventure. Or a space epic that has more guns in it than lines of code.

Maybe I’m in the minority, with many of the tweets out there right now praising the deals available and how they’re going to go broke from spending too much. I don’t think I am though. I think Steam is starting to lose a bit of… steam… and I think both developers and customers know that.

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