Catch HyperRPG’s Weird & Wonderful ‘KOLLOK 1991’ Live At Gen Con 2019

Catch HyperRPG’s Weird & Wonderful ‘KOLLOK 1991’ Live At Gen Con 2019

HyperRPG’s KOLLOK 1991 will play a live show at Gen Con 2019, and if you plan on attending the con this year, this is one event you definitely should not miss. From the creative team that helped bring you Critical Role and Power Rangers Hyperforce, KOLLOK 1991 is a completely unique RPG experience. Zac Eubank, the former show-runner for Critical Role, is the game master leading you through the weird adventures of a group of teenagers in the small Pacific Northwest town of Kollok, where everything is definitely not as it seems. To keep this article as spoiler-free as possible and to give you an idea of what KOLLOK is like, imagine The Breakfast Club in Twin Peaks, with the narrator from Unsolved Mysteries talking you through the increasingly bizarre goings on in the town. The cast of players includes Meghan Camerena “Strawburr17,” Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows, Shelby Grace “Shubble” and Lucas Eubank.

KOLLOK 1991 uses the Kids On Bikes TTRPG system from Renegade Games, and from the first episode, it is clear the stakes are always high. Failed dice rolls can hold catastrophic consequences for the players, as Meghan Camerena found out in the first hour of the first episode when her character tried to “Tokyo Drift” behind the wheel of her Jeep and rolled poorly, nearly dying in the process. The incident led to some great RP and was a truly memorable introduction to Meghan’s character, Skye.

Among the many things that set KOLLOK 1991 apart from other live streamed RPG shows are the live visual and audio F/X and audience participation. Where many shows tend to ignore audience input, KOLLOK welcomes it; encouraging members of the community to roleplay their own characters on Discord (an active Twitch subscription is required to participate on the Discord Kollok board), and add rumors and mysteries for the players to uncover. KOLLOK is a darkly delightful blend of mystery, horror, and comedy as it manages to pull off a level of immersion and engagement that is uncommon on a live stream.

If you haven’t already, you need to give KOLLOK 1991 a permanent place in your viewing schedule. The Gen Con live show is scheduled for Friday, August 2nd at 10PM and you can get your tickets to the event here. Make sure you catch up with KOLLOK 1991 on HyperRPG’s YouTube channel here, and most importantly, remember to tune in live every Monday at 6PM PT on HyperRPG’s Twitch channel.

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