Extra Life and Trove Block Out Some Time to Raise Funds for the Kids

Extra Life and Trove Block Out Some Time to Raise Funds for the Kids


Extra Life

There is no such thing as too much loot and especially inside a 3D building game like Trove. The lovely people behind Extra Life and Trion Worlds, the company that brought Trove to life, are teaming up to help out the kids once again this year with a crazy loot pack!

Trion Worlds is releasing a bundle (of joy) that will be available for purchase starting June 27th and running through July 31st to help raise money for Extra Life. 50% of the proceeds will head towards Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which is nothing short of marvelous. In the bundle, players will get 2 dragon eggs, 4 costumes, 6 mounts, 14 allies and 18 different styles of hats, faces and weapons. The Mega Menagerie Pack is being sold through the Trion Worlds website, where the company also mentions you can sign up to be on Team Trion this year to help them reach and top their Extra Life goal of $125,000. All you have to do is spread the good word and play games… it’s that simple.


Trion Worlds

The breakdown of the pack is as follows:

  • 2 dragon eggs – Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks and Fulguras, the Lightning Blade
  • 4 costumes – Platinum Paladin, Stone Shaper, The Blocktor, and Skysunder Sniper
  • 6 mounts – Powered Wheelchair, Light Gunship, Bouncing Beehive, Verlis Wold, 4-T Assembled Souser, and Dessert Dromintoceros
  • 14 allies – Silverfang Pup, Husky Pup, Snowsquall Strigid, Viridescent Hummingbird, Tuxedo Cat, Moon Dreamer, Bloxx the Playful, Flittermouse Familiar, Planing Possum, Zephyrian Zardille, Wee Wheekie, Cherry Chibi Chompbox, Starsheen Seahorse, and Scapes Goat.
  • 18 helmets, hats, faces and weapons – unnamed, but blocky and awesome nonetheless.

Shovel out those pixel coins to help the injured and sick children! And getting cool loot is neat, too.

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