Epic Digital Is Getting Ready To Enhance Your Deckbuilder Experience

Epic Digital Is Getting Ready To Enhance Your Deckbuilder Experience

If you’re looking for a sleek, stunning and stimulating way of making your work breaks that much better, the folks at White Wizard Games are here to deliver. The team put together an exciting press release, building the hype up for the app’s February release from the cold depths of alpha testing:

Epic Digital is a fast-paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. The App will feature multiple ways to experience the game such as Single Player Campaign Mode, Online Real-time Play vs. other players, Dark Draft, Constructed, Limited and Ranked Heads-up Games. We are welcoming players new and old to come battle with the four factions Good, Evil, Sage, and Wild. Which will you choose?
Casual play in Epic Digital, including owning limited copies of every card in the game, will be COMPLETELY FREE!
  • No cost to download the app.
  • No cost to get new sets.
  • No cost or restrictions on online or offline casual play.
  • Every player will have every card in the game and be able to build any deck, any time.
Players will be able to play the campaign, play games vs the AI, and even play unlimited Sealed, Draft, and Constructed online games ALL FOR FREE! The only things players pay for are cosmetics (like digital foils), extras (like extra deck slots) and competitive play (like Arena and Tournaments).
Epic Digital

Epic Digital

If you backed Epic Digital on Kickstarter, you helped make this happen! You can read more about your backer rewards in theĀ latest Epic Digital Kickstarter Update.
We look forward to battling with you soon!
The White Wizard Games Team
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