Greetings, Friends & Welcome to Fresh Mana

Greetings, Friends & Welcome to Fresh Mana


Fresh Mana


Greetings, friends and welcome to Fresh Mana. I suppose I should introduce myself – I’m Lulabelle, the ginger Elf in the picture with the fabulous hair. I brew most of the mana around here along with my two friends, Shannon and Michelle. We decided to open this little place in hopes that we could share our love for games with other like-minded folk. We play tabletop games and video games… though, not always with the most skill. But what we lack in ability, we more than make up for in enthusiasm and often, alcohol.

Shannon and Michelle will be doing most of the streaming on our new Twitch channel with segments like Wine & WoW and StoryTime. They’ll be playing through old games and new, solo and co-op, on multiple platforms, and in the coming months, they’ll even be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons game! Be sure to check our Quest Calendar for our Twitch schedule and for upcoming cons and other events!

At Fresh Mana, we’ll do our best to provide you with the latest in gaming news, reviews and nerdy recipes. Why the recipes? The answer is simple – because we like food, and cooking for your friends on game night is the best way to show them you care. Don’t worry, we’ll try to keep the recipes as quick and easy as possible.

We hope to see you around – you’re always welcome here. So please give us a quick follow across social media and stop by often. We’re excited to see what the future holds!