Paizo Launches Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest

Paizo Launches Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest

Pathfinder Playtest


Paizo kicked off the official worldwide playtest for the second edition of their acclaimed RPG Pathfinder on Thursday just in time for GenCon. But fear not, it isn’t just Con attendees that get to participate; it’s everyone! Hearty adventurers can download free PDF bundles of the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook, Pathfinder Playtest BestiaryPathfinder Playtest Adventure: Doomsday Dawn, and Flip-Mat Multi-Pack on right now. And if you’re at GenCon and pre-ordered your print copy, you can pop on over to Paizo’s booth to pick it up August 2nd – 5th.

Erik Mona, Paizo’s Publisher and Chief Creative Officer, is asking for player feedback of the new game saying via press release, “Overall feedback from the playtest reveals on the Paizo blog and through industry partners has been positive. We’ve made the rules more fun, easier to learn, and better for telling our favorite fantasy stories. Now, we need all your feedback to make Pathfinder Second Edition the best it can be.”

The playtest will run from August 7th to November 18th with a schedule choc full of exciting adventures:

The Lost Star, August 7 – August 26

In Pale Mountain’s Shadow, August 27 – September 9

Affair at Sombrefell Hall, September 10 – September 23

The Mirrored Moon, September 24 – October 8

The Heroes of Undarin, October 9 – October 21

Red Flags, October 22 – November 4

When the Stars Go Dark, November 5 – November 1

Paizo encourages players who participate in the playtest to visit to provide feedback by filling out a survey for each of the 7 Doomsday Down adventures and to sign up at their forum on to share their opinions.

According to the press release, the worldwide Pathfinder Society is releasing a series of other adventures to play. Pathfinder Society Playtest #1: The Rose Street Revenge (August 7), Pathfinder Society Playtest #2: Raiders of Shrieking Peak (August 7), Pathfinder Society Playtest #3: Arclord’s Envy (August 7), and Pathfinder Society Playtest #4: The Frozen Oath (September 26) will all be available as free downloads.

Also supporting the playtest are many of Paizo’s official partners, including Syrinscape with a Doomsday Down audio experience. Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 virtual tabletops are supporting players scattered around the globe and Hero Lab is participating for character building. You can grab custom dice from Q Workshop and even celebrate your participation in the playtest with an enamel collector pin from Campaign Coins.

To keep up with all the latest information about the playtest, sign up at and watch live streams of the playtest on Paizo’s Twitch channel.

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