A Gamer’s Guide To The Ultimate Election Night Apocalypse Party

A Gamer’s Guide To The Ultimate Election Night Apocalypse Party



Let’s face it folks, with election night right around the corner, we could be facing the end of the world as we know it. Okay, maybe not the end of the world — but the distinct possibility of an orange buffoon in charge of the free world is equally terrifying. But why face the horror sober and alone when you can celebrate the coming abyss with booze, food, games and good friends?  I’ve put together a simple guide to help you celebrate the dark days ahead and throw one heck of an election night blowout!

Step One: Theme

There are a few options you can go with for a solid game-themed apocalypse party because luckily, games are not short on inspiration in that department! You can choose themes ranging from plague and outbreak to zombies, alien invasion or nuclear fallout. Pick one, or combine them all into a night of gross hilarity and possible bleak foreshadowing.

Here are just a few titles you can pull from for ideas:


  • Plague Inc.
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Resident Evil

Nuclear Fallout

  • Fallout Series
  • Wasteland
  • Pokemon


  • Gears of War
  • Destiny
  • Space Invaders
  • World of Warcraft


Step Two: Decorations

Now that you’ve chosen your theme, it’s time to start thinking about decorations. Figure out the elements that make your theme fun and see if you can reflect that in your home. Remember, Pinterest is your friend when you’re planning a party. The ideas found on Pinterest are endless and it’s a great source for free decorations and DIY projects. Also, with Halloween just drawing to a close, you might even get lucky and find some cheap decorations that fit your theme in the bargain bins of your favorite stores.

Since election night is on a Tuesday and you’re likely going to have to struggle into work on Wednesday (if the end hasn’t already come), you might want to keep your decorations simple. If you’ve chosen an outbreak theme but you don’t want to go full-on zombie invasion, a few biohazard signs and yellow tape could do the trick. On the other hand, if you want to go all-out with a Fallout theme, why not turn your living room into a Vault with some cheaply printed signs and a few crates of Nuka Cola? Remember what I said about Pinterest? With a little searching, you can find Nuka Cola bottle wrappers you can print off at home, bottle cap templates straight out of the game, and even instructions on how to make your own DIY mini nuke prop from a large plastic Easter egg.

Step Three: Food

It’s not too hard to whip up a cool culinary presentation that will go well with your theme and please your guests. One of my favorite themed spreads is this ghastly “corpse” made with just a few articles of sliced up clothes. Simply fill the holes with plates of food from your favorite barbecue joint, sprinkle with fake blood and gather your friends around the table to go full boar horde.



You could also do your friends a favor and try to ease them in to the end-times with some apocalypse-ready recipes! Chances are most of our sources for meat won’t survive the next four years (radiation’s a bitch), so get creative with some SPAM! Show your friends just how delicious canned meat can be schweizer-apotheke.de! The SPAM website has a plethora of easy, tasty recipes that will have everyone feeling pretty optimistic about the end of the world.


Spam Musubi/SPAM

And if you want to inject a little dose of reality into your invasion themed soiree, try out some wartime ration recipes from the 1940’s. Food will be in short supply soon and no one knew how to stretch ingredients like people during World War II. Rationed families were only allowed very limited quantities of eggs, meat, butter and sugar. They had to get creative with how they baked cakes and prepared basic meals every day. Check out The 1940’s Experiment for a huge selection of authentic ration recipes.


survival ready

Another option that will save you a lot of time and effort is to just head on down to your local military surplus store and pick up some MREs. MREs, aka Meals Ready-To-Eat, are pre-packaged meals given to military service men and women in the field. You can get a variety pack for around $45 and feed the whole party. Best of all, you don’t have to cook and people can just take their pick from little brown packs of beef stew, Southwestern chicken with beans and rice, and spaghetti with Italian-style meat sauce.


Cristina Viseu/YouTube

Step Four: Booze

Let’s not kid ourselves, we might need to be very drunk on election night. Very. Very. Drunk. Lucky for us, the interweb is full of fantastic alcoholic beverages for nearly every sort of theme you can think of (and a few you probably can’t). You can find everything from Zombie Brain Hemmorage shots to an alcoholic Nuka Quantum Cocktail, and even impress your friends with this easy (and awesome) glowing Destiny cocktail! If your theme is World of Warcraft, you could mix up some red and blue “health” and “mana” potions and even serve them up in some cute little corked bottles. The possibilities are truly endless and honestly, your friends may not actually care what they’re drinking November 8th, just as long as it numbs the pain.

Step Five: Games 

The whole point of getting everyone together for an election night blowout is really to celebrate the end of an exhausting and emotionally scarring year. And frankly, there’s no better way to bond and connect than over some games. So set up your console or get out some tabletop games and strap in for what is sure to be a politically bumpy night. Because the silver lining of such turmoil is finding comfort in your friends….and booze.

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