Game Grumps Asked Fans To Create Their Ultimate Dream Daddy, The Internet Did Not Disappoint

Game Grumps Asked Fans To Create Their Ultimate Dream Daddy, The Internet Did Not Disappoint

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The new game, Dream Daddy, is set to drop July 13th, so the developers behind the title asked fans to create their ultimate Dream Daddies. If you’re unfamiliar with the upcoming game, Dream Daddy is a dad dating simulator where you play as a dad and your goal is to meet and romance other hot dads. Sounds spectacular, right? Adding to the hype behind the unconventional game, the developers, Game Grumps, provided a Photoshop template for fans to create their own Dream Daddy profiles and the fans did not disappoint. We’ve scoured the internet to collect some of the best fan-made Dadsonas around!


This homage to Overwatch’s Soldier 76. Because who doesn’t want to romance a battle-hardened soldier with a very big gun?


Bioshock’s Big Daddy, Dream Daddy:

Randall Montello, the “Dapper Dad,” looks like sex on a stick, but his affinity for world domination and hatred of untucked shirts makes me wonder if he’ll be the Daddy equivalent of Mommy Dearest.

Daniel Rider, “Fashion Dad,” has a love/hate relationship with drama, making him the most relatable Dad so far.

This collection of Mario World Dads:

Charli Oak, “Science Dad,” would definitely be the dad to spend the day…ahem…experimenting with:

The Legend of Zelda’s Ganondorf, because some people like bad daddies:

Final Fantasy “Gladdy Daddy”…this one needs no explanation.

Garfield, the “Big Cat Daddy,” because who doesn’t love lasagna, sleep, and a good meme?

Leon, the “Hipster Dad,” sexy as hell and does a lot of cool things for his kid, but he hates grey hairs and will probably spend more time primping in the mirror than you will:

Did you spot an awesome Dadsona out there that we missed? Tweet us and we’ll RT to share with our readers! You can pick up the game on Steam Thursday, July 13th! In the mean time, you can check out the teaser trailer below and tune in to our Twitch channel on Friday, July 14th at 7PM EST when we’ll be live streaming the game!

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