Dear Vox Machina: A Farewell To The Legends of Tal’Dorei

Dear Vox Machina: A Farewell To The Legends of Tal’Dorei

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Dear Vox Machina,

You don’t know me, but I know you. I’m not the merchant in the square or the farmer tending crops. I’m not the flute player in the tavern, the silent thief in the alley, or the hunched woman rushing by on the streets of Emon. I’m not a pixie or a nymph of the Feywild, nor am I of any plane you’ve ever visited. There may be times I might vaguely register as a faint whisper of a breeze across your cheek, a keen observer without shape or form, but nothing more.

For years, I have watched, with others like me; I have followed along from my quiet little perch as you stumbled and blazed and tore across Tal’Dorei. From the darkened depths beneath Kraghammer to the glory of the Prime Material Plane, I followed. I watched as you fought for what was right, struggled with the consequences of your choices, battled your demons, fell in love, and forged friendships to withstand the fiercest of storms. I even watched the most unbearable moments; the ones that changed us forever, for better or worse. In our travels, I cried with you, I laughed with you, I ached with you, and I raged with you as my existence became more and more entwined with yours.

During our adventures I have grown, and I have learned, and you have given me so many gifts. From Keyleth, you gifted me a willingness to embrace the unknown with optimism and excitement; to close my eyes and leap because, unless you’re a goldfish, the plunge is worth the risk. ¬†Percy taught me that whatever my imagination might conjure, with some ingenuity and determination, I can make it a reality, and you taught me that my demons don’t have to get the best of me in the end. From Vex, I learned that confidence doesn’t need to come from anyone or anywhere but myself; your fearlessness in life and in love makes me aspire to be the adventurer and not merely the observer. Vax’s endless capacity to love showed me that sometimes the sacrifice of one’s own desires are what makes all the difference to those around me. Grog, whose physical strength comes second only to the size of your heart, taught me to embrace who I am, because my uniqueness is what makes me special and I don’t need to be like anyone else to be a faithful, loyal, and trusted friend…also, ale. From Scanlan, I learned to see humor in the unlikeliest of places and that a song and a smile can mean everything when the world is dark and full of shadows. Dearest Pike, whose soul shines brighter than the light of Sarenrae; you were that reminder to be a little more kind, a little more understanding, and a little more forgiving to make life a better journey.

To The Creator, whose whispered words helped bring Vox Machina to life and guided them in their adventures, I want to thank you for allowing me to tag along. It is because of you that I found the height of adventure, a welcoming and loving community, and a desire to traverse the world on my own. Your gift was the most profound.

And now, my dear Vox Machina, I sense our time together is coming to an end and my heart breaks in ways that are difficult to express. We’ve never met, and we never will, but I hold you as close to my heart as my own kin. While you hurtle towards your fate and whatever it has in store, know that I will stay; I will be with you until the very end, I will face it with you, and I will remember.


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